The Invitation is a one-act play told through monologues of several very different children. The story takes place in the locker area of a school and portrayed by a cast of several actors and actresses. 


In our busy and fast-paced modern life, many educators feel pressured to teach towards the "Test," and to cultivate a child's Intellectual Quotient, or IQ. While important, they often lose the battle to grow a child's Emotional Quotient or EQ. A high EQ helps students show attributes like love, peace, kindness, and joy. At WRC Theatre Company, we believe the EQ of a child will ultimately determine their social-emotional success in life.


The Invitation serve as opportunities to start this much-needed EQ enhancing dialogue. We need to create a format for children to re-learn how to communicate with all different types of classmates. It is through the story of these characters we see ourselves, our similarities, our differences, and how they bind us together to create a community. 


Changing Lives One Performance at a Time