Dear WRC Theatre Company Families,

             This summer, due to time constraints, we will be making our playbill a little bit differently than we have in the past. This will be our first summer show with a real Playbill and we are extremely excited to have one!!! During “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, we had some problems regarding ad prices, which made it difficult to get enough copies for everyone. This time around, however, I did a bit more math when preparing the prices. The cost of ads for this show will be: 


1/4 Page: $30.00

1/2 Page: $60.00

Full Page: $120.00


The Ad-making Process:

1- Please send completed ads to me at

 -If you need us to create your ad, no problem! Simply send exactly what you want you ad to say, the size you want it to be, and the photo you want to go with it to me at

-All ads are due by the first day of camp!!! This way, I have enough time to create the Playbill

2- Include the ad price in your dues on the first day of camp


    When creating the Playbill for this summer, I will also need help from our actors who love to take pictures! Take pictures during the day and text them to me at 845-544-8433 so they can show up in the Playbill. Please send them in by the second Wednesday of camp.


Thanks again guys,

Michael Wajda

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